South Dakota Payday Loans

South Dakota is one of the plains states in the northern portion of the Middle United States.  It boasts the famous Black Hills from which we get beautiful Black Hills gold.  South Dakota is also famous for the Mount Rushmore monument honoring great presidents. 

South Dakota regulates all payday cash advance loans as short term loans.  The state requires that payday lenders disclose all customers are notified in writing of all terms and fees prior to the company accepting a loan application.  This notification must be in written form.  South Dakota further requires that all customers are notified that the loan may be used to satisfy only short term expenses.  All customers must receive written notification of the penalties and fees that result due to defaulting on a loan payment.

Maximum Loan Amount

South Dakota law restricts these short term loans to no more than $500.00.

Loan Terms

South Dakota does not restrict loan terms and loans can be made for as long or short a term as the lender sees fit.


Loans can be renewed up to four times but each time it is renewed you will incur further charges.  You may also request renewal of your loan if you find that you cannot pay within the term limit.

Fees and Charges

There is no governmental limit to the amount and percentages of fees, charges, and interest.  Companies may charge whatever their customers will support.

Fee Schedules and APR

There is no set fee schedule or APR in South Dakota.  Companies may charge whatever their customers will pay to receive the loan.

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Sioux Falls, SD 57104
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Sioux Falls, SD 57105
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Spearfish, SD 57783
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Yankton, SD 57078
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South Dakota Loan Statistics

Pay Schedule
Average Loan Average Age Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Twice Per Month Home Owner Renter