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More Data Means More Loans for Low Income Borrowers
Read how one progressive lender is changing the payday loan industry

Rebuilding Bad Credit is an Uphill Battle
Learn how payday loans can actually help you rebuild your credit.

CFPB sees Big Banks as more of a Threat to Consumers than Short Term Loans
Learn why the CFPB is more worried about bank short-term loans.

Credit Union Payday Loan Plan Popular in Pennsylvania
Learn how Pennsylvania credit unions are getting into the payday loan game.

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Payday Cash Advance Loans is the leading online payday loan source! Quick online loans, cash advances, bad credit personal loans and no verification payday loans are available here!

Our goal is to place borrowers with appropriate payday loan lenders in order to meet their cash advance or emergency loan needs. By providing pay day loan details, a current quick loan APR calculator, current news and updates, and expert advice, we strive to help customers make informed financial decisions. Please browse our national payday loan directory or simply complete our cash advance loan application in minutes and one of our lending partners will contact you directly to assist in finalizing your loan.

Complete our cash advance loan application in minutes and one of our lending partners will contact you directly to finalize your loan.

If you're interested in understanding how other consumers are searching for payday loans online you can read our Payday Loan and Cash Advance Trends Analysis.

Cash Advance Articles  

Payday Loan Usury Laws: A Safeguard against the Revolving Cycle of Debt

Predatory lending is costing families billions of dollars each year. Usury laws are aimed at cracking down on lenders gouging consumers with a prohibitively-priced payday loan.

Payday Lenders: What to Look Out For

How many times have you heard the age old saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees?” As cliché as the saying might be, it is definitely true! However, there are payday lenders out there willing to help you access money in times of need.

Bad Credit Personal Loans: Getting You Out of the Red

Whether you find yourself drowning in mortgage payments or up to your neck in credit card debt, sometimes borrowing money is your only option. But what do you do if you have a bad credit history?

Faxless Payday Loans: The Hassle-Free Solution for Emergency Borrowers

Borrowers will find that applying for a faxless payday loan is now easier than ever before. An increasing number of payday lenders (like are eliminating the need for a borrower to fax or submit paperwork by offering this service online.

Borrowing and Budgeting Tips: Keeping Consumers on the Right Financial Track

In today's world where credit-desperate consumers face a barrage of ads offering fast and easy cash, shopping carefully and comparing offers take on added importance.

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Use our online payday loan calculator to determine the real cost of your cash advance loan in terms of annual percentage rate (APR) and other fees involved in the quick loan application process.

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“Finance charge is based on a national average of a $15 finance charge per $100 loan with a 14-day repayment term.”
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Search by city and state to locate payday loan lenders in more 20,000 locations nationwide! can handle all your payday loan needs! Our innovative application form allows borrowers to access fast cash with an instant online payday loan. We help borrowers to connect with lenders throughout the nation to find a variety of fast cash loans online including check cash advance loans, no fax payday loans, bad credit personal loans, and no faxing teletrack loans. is not a lender but a marketing service provided on behalf of payday loan lenders and cash advance companies.



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Payday Cash Advance Loans .biz adheres to the Industries Best Practices and Responsible Lending regulations. Find out more information about The Community Financial Services Association of America and Guidelines for Payday Lending.

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