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Read about the newest chapter in the short-term lending debate in Missouri.

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Easy Pay Day Advance Loans


Pay day loans are a short-term personal loan that provides coverage for your expenses until your next paycheck. Generally, cash advance loans are between $100 and $500 for a two-week term with an average interest rate of about 15 percent per loan period. Unsecured personal loans may also come with attendant fees and penalties for untimely loan repayment.

Paycheck advances are a financial alternative to traditional forms of loan lending. The appropriate way to use fast cash loans are during times of critical financial need, at times of emergencies. Thus, pay day advances should mainly be accessed when other resources have been exhausted. Cash advance consumers typically access personal loans to cover important expenses such as, overdue bills, penalties, medical emergencies, or other immediate financial obligations.

How Pay Day Loans Work
Traditional fast cash loans have been mainly accessible through pay day loan branches across the nation. Pay day customers are typically required to write post-dated personal checks for the amounts borrowed and in certain cases, you can provide electronic access to your bank account to receive and repay pay day loans.

Payday lenders then secure your check until your next paycheck, and the payday loans is then repaid when you receive your paycheck or it is deposited. To pay a loan, you can redeem the post-dated check by paying the personal loan with cash or permit the check to be cashed by the lender. You also have the option of paying additional finance charges by rolling over the loan to the next pay period.

Online Pay Day Loans
Online fast cash loans, no fax pay day loans, or faxless cash advances are alternative ways to access cash quickly. It is simpler than ever to get online fast cash; filling out an online application is quick and easy. There is no need to fax an application; the most important thing you need is a checking account, where your loan can be electronically transferred once your application is approved. Accessing personal loans online is becoming immensely popular because of the convenience of the one step application process. Pay day consumers are seeing the benefits of no fax cash advances compared to the traditional ways of getting loans at the pay day branch.

Getting an Online Pay Day Advance
The loan requirements vary per lender, but generally you need to have:

  • An active checking account in your name
  • A steady source of income
  • A tenured residence as a US citizen
  • Personal identification

Pay day lenders do not conduct a credit check but they might perform a TeleCheck to determine your checking history.

How Pay Day Loans Can Help
Fast cash loans are becoming popular every day. In recent years, the pay day industry has averaged $40 billion in loan volume annually. Pay day lenders serve the needs of consumers who are looking for short-term solutions to immediate financial necessities. Millions of consumers use pay day loans every year. Hence, cash advance loans are helping meet the financial needs of Americans across the nation.


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