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Looking Inside the Math of Payday Loan APR Rates
Learn why APR numbers really aren't as egregious as they may seem.

Kentucky Sets the Bar on Payday Loan Reform
Read why not all payday regulation is good for borrowers.

Credit Help May Be On The Way For Millions Of Americans
Find out how the new CoreLogic credit score could affect you.

Minnesota Takes Action Against Online Payday Lenders
Find out more about the Minnesota Department of Commerce's stand against unlicensed payday lenders.

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Payday News

 »  Looking Inside the Math of Payday Loan APR Rates
  Learn why APR numbers really aren't as egregious as they may seem.
 »  Kentucky Sets the Bar on Payday Loan Reform
  Read why not all payday regulation is good for borrowers.
 »  Credit Help May Be On The Way For Millions Of Americans
  Find out how the new CoreLogic credit score could affect you.
 »  Minnesota Takes Action Against Online Payday Lenders
  Find out more about the Minnesota Department of Commerce's stand against unlicensed payday lenders.
 »  Fiscally Sound or Fishy: Looking at Utah Payday Lending Data
  Read the data for Utah's payday lending industry and decide whether you think the information is skewed or not.
 »  Battle Lines Drawn for Missouri Payday Loan Initiative
  Read why a group of concerned Missouri citizens is attempting to take payday loan legislation out of their elected officials hands.
 »  West Virginia Attorney General Subpoenas Native American Payday Lender
  Read about the West Virginia Attorney General's battle against high interest rates.
 »  California Lawmaker Pushing Payday Loan Bill
  Read more about the confusion in California over payday loans.
 »  Alternative Lenders Gaining Popularity as Banks Tighten Lending Policies
  Learn what banks are doing to make alternative financial institutions more popular.
 »  Illinois Town Considers Legality of Capping Payday Loan Rates
  Read about the debate over payday loan interest rates going on in Bloomington, Illinois.
 »  Florida Town going against the Grain of Payday Loan Reform
  Learn more about the controversial loan sponsored by a Florida Senator.
 »  Owner of Washington Payday Loan Store Accused of Ponzi Scheme
  Read more about the latest scandal to peak the SEC's attention.
 »  Arkansas Attorney General Fighting Online Payday Loans
  Learn more about AG Dustin McDaniel's fight against online payday lenders.
 »  Birmingham City Council Considering Moratorium on Fast Cash
  Read more about the initiative to halt the spread of quick cash loans in Birmingham.
 »  Republicans Reject Obama Nominee for Financial Bureau Head
  Learn why the GOP decided to block Obama's nomination for the head of the CFPB.
 »  Banks Getting in on Payday Loan Boom
  Read why banks have started offering payday loans.
 »  Austin City Council to Vote on Payday Loan Restrictions
  Read about possible changes in Austin, Texas' payday loan laws.
 »  Petition to Cap Payday Loans Circulating in Missouri
  Learn why a group of Missourians' fight against payday loans might have negative effects.
 »  California Counties Considering Payday Lending Changes
  Read about the movements towards payday loan regulation in the San Francisco Bay area.
 »  Consumer Credit Lending Hits the Front Page
  Learn how the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plans to bring fairness and transparency to consumer financial products.
 »  Lawsuit Hopes to Block Dallas Payday Laws
  Read about one groups grievances against Dallas' new short term credit laws.
 »  Kansas City Federal Reserve Study Finds Merit in Payday Loans
  A contentious report published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City supports the industries’ claims that their products, in fact, do benefit low-income populations.
 »  Wisconsin Judges ask Supreme Court to set Payday Loan Interest Rates
  Read about Wisconsin's' lawmakers' mission to tweak their young payday loan regulations.
 »  1 in 10 Virginia Families Use Short Term Loans
  Families in the state of Virginia are using financial products like payday loans, car title loans and pawnshop loans to pay for a myriad of expenses.
 »  Laws Intended to Regulate Payday Loans in Colorado Forces Many Lenders to Close
  Learn why Colorado may have over-legislated their payday loan industry.
 »  Payday Loan Turf War Reaches New York
  Learn about the debate in the New York legislature over a bill that would allow short-term credit loans.
 »  Wisconsin GOP Proposes Repeal of Payday Loan Limits
  Read about Wisconsins' Finance committe's change of heart on payday loans.
 »  Many Credit Unions Offering Payday Loans
  Learn why Credit Unions are now providing Payday Loans
 »  Payday Lenders could Benefit from Embracing Consumer Protection Bureau
  Will payday lenders benefit from the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created by President Barrack Obama?
 »  California May Raise Payday Loan Limit
  Will California raise the payday loan limit? The measure proposed by Assembly leader Charles Calderon is currently being considered in the state Assebly.
 »  New Hampshire Might Bring Back Payday Loans
  Read about a law that might bring back payday loans in New Hampshire.
 »  How the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will affect Payday Lending
  Learn how the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau might influence the payday loan industry.
 »  A Real Tale of Crime and Corruption from the Payday Loan Industry
  Read about the man who used his two payday lending websites as a front for a ponzi scheme.
 »  Colorado Changes Law to Keep Payday Loan Stores
  Coloroado Passes legislation to keep payday lenders.
 »  Government Banking Officials Discuss Financial Overhaul
  Read about how financial reforms will make financial products more consumer friendly.
 »  New Hampshire Legislators Might Consider Bringing Back Payday Loans
  Learn about the new type of loan New Hampshire is considering.
 »  Missouri Debates Payday Loan Legislation
  Read more about Missouri's Representative's attempts at payday loan legislation.
 »  Utah Rejects Payday Loan Bill
  Payday loan legislation hits a roadblock in Utah.
 »  Texas to Consider Bolstering Payday Loan Laws
  Learn more about the debate to regulate payday loans in Texas.
 »  Payday Lenders Partner with Indian Tribes
  Find out why payday lenders are partnering with American Indian tribes.
 »  Kentucky and Iowa Groups Seek Payday Loan Reform
  Three States are in the news for regulations concerning payday loans. Find out what Kentucky, Iowa and Virginia legislators are up to.
 »  Mississippi Governor Seeks Payday Lender Funding
  Mississippi considers a bill to tweak their payday loan laws.
 »  Mississippi Passes Payday Lending Bill
  Learn about the new payday lending bill in the State of Mississippi.
 »  FiSCA Hopes DC Headquarters Allows Access to Lawmakers
  Find out why FiSCA decided to move their headquarters to the nations capital.
 »  A Quick Look at How Credit Works
  Learn about how credit lines work and the role of payday loans.
 »  Payday Lenders Leave Montana
  Thanks to new regulations payday lenders are being forced to close their businesses in Montana.
 »  Texas Bill Aims to Close Payday Lender Loophole
  Learn about the initiative to change Texas' payday loan laws.
 »  Know Your Rights as a Payday Loan Consumer
  Know your rights as a payday loan consumer.
 »  Know Your Payday Loan Fees: an Overview of Payday Loan Laws in all 50 States
  Know the payday loan laws in your state.
 »  Wisconsin Payday Lenders Hope Republicans Relax Regulations
  The State of Wisconsin has adopted new laws regulating payday loan lending.
 »  Payday Loans: Fact vs. Fiction
  Comparing some of the popular beliefs of payday loans to actual statistical facts.
 »  Fewer Colorado Consumers Take out More in Payday Loans
  A look back at the 2009 year in Colorado's payday loan industry.
 »  Payday Loan Fee Funds Delaware Financial Literacy Program
  Learn more about the Deleware Financial Literacy Education Fund...
 »  Know what you’re Paying For: How a Payday Loan Works
  Explaining the process of applying for and acquiring a payday loan.
 »  An Overview of CFSA Payday Lender Best Practices Policies
  Learn more about CFSA payday lender practices.
 »  Debate over Payday Loans Rages in Montana
  On November 2nd Montana will vote on whether on not to put a cap on payday loan interest rates. Find out more....
 »  Memphis a HotBed for Payday Loan Industry
  There are over 300 payday loan stores in Memphis, while business thrives, the argument over intent and legality still rages.
 »  New Mexico Gubernatorial Candidate Makes Payday Lending Top Issue
  Diane Denish, the democratic gubernatorial candidate of New Mexico, has vowed to confront “predatory” payday lending practices if elected governor.
 »  Economic Recession Fuels Big Banks’ Relations with Payday Lenders
  Find out why big banks financing payday loan lenders is GOOD for the economy.
 »  Be Wary Of Scammers Posing as Payday Loan Debt Collectors
  Fake payday loan debt collectors have been harassing people in the Midwest in attempts to coerce them into payment. Learn what to look out for and how to protect yourself.
 »  How Changes in Financial Regulation Might Affect Payday Lenders
  The new reforms on financial regulation will change how credit, loans and payday loans are granted in the United States.
 »  An Overview of Payday Loan Laws for the State of Florida
  An outline of the specific state laws for payday loans in the State of Florida.
 »  Struggling States Crack Down on Payday Loan Lenders
  West Virginia and Arkansas crack down on payday loan lenders.
 »  How Payday Loan Consolidation Can Reduce Your Debt
  Find out how payday consolidation loans can help reduce your debt
 »  Arizona Rallies Against Cash Advance Payday Loans
  Find out how Arizona's Operation Sunset is affecting cash advance payday loans in Arizona.
 »  Cash Advance Payday Loan Companies Thriving After Recession
  Find out how and why payday cash advance loan companies are thriving during the post-Recession.
 »  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Signs Bill Regulating Payday Cash Advance Loans
  Find out how new legislation in Illinois will affect your payday loan options.
 »  Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle Passes Bill Regulating Payday Cash Advance Loans
  Find out how new legislation in Wisconsin will affect your payday loan options.
 »  California Payday Loans Have Low Interest Rates
  Curious about a California cash advance? Find out about the state's uniquely low interest rates.
 »  Payday Loan With A Prepaid Debit Card
  Understand the minimum requirements for receiving a payday loan with a prepaid debit card.
 »  Georgia Regulations Regarding Cash Advance Payday Loans
  Find out about Georgia's regulations on payday cash advance loans.
 »  Cash Advance Payday Loan Companies May Be Affected By Proposed CFPA Bill Legislation
  Find out how proposed bill legislation will affect your ability to get cash advance payday loans.
 »  How Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect a Cash Advance?
  In deciding on bankruptcy filing, you need to find out the details of a cash advance to see if they apply.
 »  Convenience Checks - Approach with Caution
  Find out about the dangers of convenience checks.
 »  How To Get a Military Cash Advance
  Find out ways to go about receiving a military cash advance.
 »  Visa Insurcard Prepaid Card Winner in Fourth Annual Paybefore Awards
  Everything you need to know about the Visa Insurcard Prepaid Credit Card
 »  A Few Easy Steps to Eliminate Credit Card Debt
  Find out a few easy ways to eliminate credit card debt
 »  Prepaid Credit Cards: Plastic That Feels Like Gold
  Find out the many different uses and advantages of having a prepaid credit card
 »  Common Myths of Payday Loans
  Are you considering a payday loan, but are afraid of some of the myths you’ve heard? If you are in need of a payroll cash advance and have...
 »  IRS Tax Penalty Facts and Information
  Nobody wants to get involved with IRS tax penalties. One of the strongest departments in the U.S. Government, the IRS seems to be an entity unto itself, making its own rules and regulations...
 »  Tax Help For Free Online
  More and more people are turning to the internet for any number of things. Now available on line is assistance in filing state and federal tax returns. Not only are software manufacturers providing the service, but so is the IRS.
 »  Comparison of the Top Tax Preparation Software
  Learn everything you need to know about the different tax preparation softwares available to you.
 »  Criteria for Discharging Tax Debt in Bankruptcy
  Tax season is here. Manage your tax debt.
 »  Payday Cash Advance Loan Industry Provides Services to New Markets
  Payday Loan Lenders Expand into New Territories
 »  Cash Advance - Compare Loan Advance Rates and Fast Cash Requirements
  Learn everything you need to know about cash advances including the requirements and the latest rates.
 »  Online Payday Advances Offer Convenience
  Take advantage of how convenient it is to get a payday cash advance online today.
 »  Payday Loan Lenders Feel Vindicated as result of Payday Loans study
  Study contradicts negative perceptions relating to payday cash advance loans.
 »  The Great Debate – Secured Loans or Unsecured Loans?
  Compare the differences between secured and unsecured loans.
 »  How the Payday Loan Reform Act Will Help Consumers
  Learn how the payday loan reform act will change the short term loan industry in around 20 states
 »  About the Payday Loan Reform Act
  Find out what the government is trying to do to the payday loan industry
 »  Avoid the Cash Advance Cycle
  Learn what you can do to keep yourself out of the cycle of living payday loan to payday loan
 »  Cash Advance Loans: A Life Jacket for the Financially-Stranded
  What is the right time and situation to obtain a cash advance?
 »  Short Term Fast Cash Loans: Repayment Policies
  Learn about repayment policies for cash advances and payday loans
 »  10 Keys to Financial Planning
  Learn 10 key ways to improve and focus on your financial planning.
 »  Personal Financial Management
  Learn how to manage your personal finances.
 »  No Hassles With No Verification Payday Loans
  The key benefits of No Verification Payday Loans also known as No Teletrack Payday Loans
 »  Staying Away From Potential Payday Loan Trouble
  Important information for Borrowers to consider before applying for Cash Advance Payday Loans
 »  Cash Advance Loans for Small Business Owners
  An overview of the benefits reaped from Business Cash Advance Loans
 »  Payday Lenders Fight for Rights of Ohio Consumers
  Poll Shows Ohio Cash Advance Borrowers Want Access to Short Term Loans
 »  Poor Credit Payday Loans
  Online Payday Advances Fast Cash Loans Offer Millions Much Needed Fast Cash
 »  Payday Cash Advance Loans for Those with Bad Credit
  Cash Advance Loans Don't Discriminate Based on Credit Score and Credit History
 »  Cash Advances and Payday Loans Get Easier to Use
  Receive Fast Cash on a Visa or MasterCard
 »  Payday Advance Loans Come to the Forefront in Ohio
  Cash Advance and Fast Personal Loans Now Part of a Debate in Ohio Legislature
 »  Competition for Payday Loans Begins
  Cash Advance Loan Lenders Face Competition from Banks and Credit Unions
 »  More Support for Payday Advance Loans
  Cash Advance Research Study Persuades the NCPA to Re-evaluate Payday Loans
 »  Study Supports Payday Loans
  Cash Advance Lenders Feel Vindicated by New Study
 »  Las Vegas Cab Driver Becomes A Millionaire
  How traditional payday loans helped a middle class man strike gold
 »  DC Payday Lender Check 'n Go Continues to Flourish
  Check n Go Maintains Profitable Cash Advance Loan services in DC.
 »  Congress Discusses the Benefits of Personal Loans
  Payday Advance Loans To Be Part of New National Legislation.
 »  Payday Loans Provided to Business Owners
  Cash Advances Offer Convenience to Business and Consumers
 »  New Hampshire Payday Lenders Celebrate
  Lawmakers Not to Cap New Hampshire Cash Advance Interest Rates
 »  Choose the Right Payday Advance Loan for You
  Consumers need to be weary of Loan Sharking often practiced by illegitimate Payday Lenders.
 »  Cash Advance Loans Become More Convenient
  Cash Advance lenders offer more convenience to consumers by offering prepaid debit cards.
 »  Payday Loans Gain Wider Acceptance
  Banks & Credit Unions Start to Offer Cash Advance Payday Loans
 »  Wisconsin Offers More Choices to Cash Advance Consumers
  No Laws Govern Acts of Payday Cash Advance Loan Companies
 »  No Fax Payday Loans Revolutionize Industry
  Cash Advance Lenders keep up with Technology to offer No Faxing Payday Loans, Personal Loans, and Online Payday Loans.
 »  Trustworthy Payday Lenders – Know How to Pick Them
  Payday loan companies that allows borrowers to extend their loans may be causing an addiction to the payday loan cycle.
 »  Use Payday Cash Advance the Right Way
  Although payday cash advance loans entail high interest rates, these emergency personal loans can save individuals from tremendous debt.
 »  Consumer Education Campaign a Priority for the Payday Loan Industry
  The payday loan industry is investing millions on a consumer education campaign.
 »  Oregon Lawmakers and Cash Advance Lenders Seek Middle Ground
  New rate cap causes Oregon payday advance lenders to voice an opinion.
 »  Federal Reserve Bank of New York Defends Payday Loan Industry
  A recent report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York corrects the misconception that payday loans are predatory in nature.
 »  Borrowers Depend on Cash Advance Loans
  Some believe that because payday loan companies allow borrowers to extend their loans, it causes an addiction to the payday loan cycle.
 »  Get Fast Cash Loans from Trusted Online Payday Sites
  Phony cash advance companies continue to trick consumers into providing personally identifiable information.
 »  Cash Flow Management
  Cash Flow Analysis not only helps you identify immediate cash flow problems, it also aids in preventing future ones from coming up and enables you to manage your business’s cash flow successfully.
 »  Check Cash Advance Industry Vows to Protect the Poor
  The Payday Loan Industry has launched a “public awareness” campaign and vows to change certain practices.
 »  Payday Loans may return to Georgia
  Payday cash advance loans may return to Georgia despite objections from critics.


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