Texas Payday Loans

Texas, once its own republic, is a proud state with proud citizens. Texas is known as the Lone Star State due to the single star emblazoned on the Texas State Flag. Texas is steeped in the history and traditions of the old west and the cowboy way of life. Texans hold BBQ dear and are known for their abilities on the grill.

Texas loan laws are very specific on the details of fees and charges that a company can charge. Like most other states, every payday loan lender is required to receive and display a license to conduct business from the state government. In addition to the normal fees a company charges, Texas law allows companies to charge handling fees. All lenders must post a written agreement and a fee schedule in a prominent place in the place of business. Contents of the agreement must be: the transaction date, the name of the lender, a full accounting of costs, a fee schedule, and the earliest date the borrow plans on depositing the check. The agreement must also state that these loans are intended for short term needs and must include the phone number and address of the Consumer Credit Commissioner. Customers cannot be criminally charged for failure to repay a loan.

There are many lenders in the state of Texas. You can find lenders in the major cities in Texas including Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.

Maximum Loan Amount

Texas has no maximum loan amount.

Loan Terms

Maximum loan time is 31 days while 7 days is the minimum.

Extensions and Rollovers

Texas law does not allow loans to be renewed or extended.

Fees and Charges

The following is a breakdown of the fees and charges for a Texas payday loan:

Fee Schedules and APR

Maximum APR is 309% for a two week $100 loan.

Check Plus Systems Inc
606 North Carancahua Street Suite 1210
Corpus Christi, TX 78476
Advance America Cash Advance
1813 South Padre Island Drive # B
Corpus Christi, TX 78416
Nortex Cash Management
7441 Marvin D Love Freeway Suite 401
Dallas, TX 75237
Check Collections of America Inc
2650 Fountain View Drive Suite 225
Houston, TX 77057
Cash Now Texas
411 West 7th Street Suite 1008
Fort Worth, TX 76102
7887 San Felipe Street Suite 209
Houston, TX 77063
Advance America Cash Advance
13637 Northwest Boulevard
Corpus Christi, TX 78410
De-Metro Janitorial Services
2639 Walnut Hill Lane Suite #113
Dallas, TX 75229
Justice Finance CO - Buckner Blvd Office
323 Plsnt Grove Shopping Centre
Dallas, TX 75217
Checkcare Systems Inc
17000 Parkway Suite 204
Dallas, TX 75248

Texas Loan Statistics

Pay Schedule
Average Loan Average Age Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Twice Per Month Home Owner Renter