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Lawsuit Hopes to Block Dallas Payday Laws


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By: Javi Calderon
Lawsuit Hopes to Block Dallas Payday Laws

Claiming that decisions made by Dallas City Council’s would be in violation of state laws, the Consumer Service Alliance of Texas has decided to file a lawsuit to halt legislation that would restrict payday loans and car title loans within the city limits.  The Dallas laws would be in direct conflict with a decision made by the Texas legislature to not pursue restrictions on direct deposit loans.

While the new Dallas ordinance does not place a cap on interest rates or processing fees, it does require lenders to become registered and to adhere to specific guidelines for record keeping for customers and lenders. The ordinance also requires lenders to set up payment plans that reduce the principal owed.  

CSAT brass feel the ordinance infringes on the decisions made by the Texas state legislature, and restrict the ability for customers to access quick, short-term credit. They believe citizens are best served when given a choice of financial options and allowed to make their own decisions.

While the Dallas City Council agreed that caps for interest rates and fees should remain a state issue, the reporting requirements they agreed upon are very similar to ones made mandatory by the state legislature.

CSAT claims forcing lenders to conduct multiple, repetitive reports is cumbersome and a detriment to customers.

Texas payday loan laws were first ratified in 2000. The state defines a lender as anyone exchanging cash advance for a post-dated personal check, or for the customer to assume the debt.

Texas laws define a system of increasing handling charges determined by the amount of the loan. There is no set interest rate cap, and loans are required to have a term limit of seven to 31 days.  


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