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Get an Online Payday Loan even if you have Bad Credit!


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By: Mevish Jaffer

Many people face the unfortunate fact that they suffer from bad credit or no credit. The hardest thing for a person with bad credit or no credit to do is to get ahead and start rebuilding their credit rating.

There are times when most of us face financial emergencies and have a need for a loan to get us through the crisis. If the consumer has bad credit, their options for finding a way through the crisis are few, however bad credit payday loans are available.

How do you know if you have bad credit?

Most of us already know if we have a good or bad credit rating based on our history of paying our bills and loan payments. If we have paid them in full and on time, we most likely have a positive credit rating. If, however, we have struggled to make payments, or been late on payments, there would be reason to believe that our credit rating would be less than perfect.

In 2003, the federal government passed a law that allows consumers to check their credit rating for free, once a year. Prior to the passage of this law, it was quite difficult for a consumer to view their credit report and many people found this to be unfair because lenders are making decisions about whether or not to give them a loan based on this report.

There were a handful of websites and businesses that began offering ways for consumers to view their credit report for a fee. It simply did not make sense that a consumer had to pay to view their credit report considering a credit report can have such a major impact on a person’s life.

The government’s official website for getting your annual free credit report is You can, and should, view your credit report to find any discrepancies in your credit history. This will help ensure that your credit report is accurate and that you have the appropriate rating. If you find errors on your credit report you can contact the reporting company and correct those errors. Taking a look at your credit report will also let you know if you have been a victim of identity theft and if someone has been taking out loans or credit cards in your name.

Many younger people have simply not yet established a credit rating because they have had very few, if any, loans. It is difficult to prove to a lender that you are a person that repays their bills when no one will give you any bills to repay.

Having a bad credit rating or no credit rating can leave you in a real bind if you find yourself with unexpected expenses. The reality is that unexpected expenses occur from time to time, no matter how hard we try and stay on top of a budget.

One option that you can turn to if you run into one of these unexpected expenses, and your credit is less than perfect, is getting an instant online payday loan. When you get an online cash advance, payday lenders generally do not check your credit rating to see if you have experienced financial difficulty in the past. They are not as concerned with your credit rating as a traditional lender would be, because you are generally required to write a post-dated check to them. The expectation is that the online cash advance or payday loan company will cash the check on your next payday. This is how they get the security or collateral that assures you will repay the internet payday loan or no teletrack payday loan.

All that is generally required with a payday loan or an instant online payday loan is that you are employed, have a checking account, and that you are at least eighteen years old. If you can meet these minimum requirements, you can easily be approved for a short-term internet payday loan or faxless payday loan.

Additionally, many online payday cash advance loan companies will allow you to get another no teletrack payday loan or instant online payday loan from them in the future, for a larger amount, if you repay a couple of loans on time and in full with them. In essence, you are establishing credit with the internet payday loan company.

Instant online payday loans or no teletrack payday loans are generally seen as a last resort and should only be used in an emergency situation. Online cash advance payday loans are not a way to fix long-term financial problems; they should generally be used to simply get you by until your next paycheck arrives. The lenders will charge you a fee for taking out the instant online payday loan, but this fee is a small price to pay if you have to have money now and you have no other means of getting your hands on some quick cash.


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